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Venice Port Authority


Contact person:  Cinzia Colangelo
 Position: Head of Projects Research and Development Unit
 Telephone: +39 0415334243
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Website: www.port.venice.it



Venice Port Authority established in 2006 a dedicated Unit for the development of European Projects. It can acntually count of an experienced organization that involves its active participation in the european funding schemes as from the following projects list. VPA is Lead partner in: IPA Adriatic CBC "APC project", Central Europe "INWAPO project" and "EMPIRIC project", Italia-Slovenia "SafePort project", TEN-T MoS call "Adriamos Project" and SEE "Watermode project". Partner in: SEE "SeeMariner project", MED "GreenBerth project" and "Memo Project", Central Europe "Sonora project", Alpine Space "Alpcheck2 project".

The Port of Venice is a leading Mediterranean homeport for cruise ships. Because it has several passenger terminals it can diversify its offer to cater for cruise ships, ferries, fast ships sailing to the coast of Istria, yachts and mega yachts.The efficient and advanced services offered  enable it to host different types of ships: cruise ships even exceeding 300 m., ferries, high-speed craft and yachts.Cruise ships account for a large share of transiting passengers. In 2012 2,039,124 passengers (1,775,994 on cruise ships) transited by Venice, confirming its position as the  Mediterranean's chief homeport. Ferries are also a major industry. Several shipping companies connect Venice to the Eastern Mediterranean year round. It is the ideal port to set sail to Slovene and Croatian coasts.


VPA will bring its experience in dealing with high numbers of passengers  it will actively participate to meeting and workshops. It counts on in-house companies for ICT and training, besides having acquired contacts with  prestigious Universities and research centers. VPA is interested in being part of  EA SEA-WAY project in particular for what regards the possibility of assessing new routes and the introduction of innovative ICT technologies and solutions  to simplify the procedure control of passenger  flow.

The strengthen  of the attractiveness of the Adriatic  Sea will have to take into consideration the peculiarity and fragility of its unique environment ,and with this regards  VPA  is also willing to exchange best practices  with other Adriatic ports.

VPA will seek involvement of major economical actors and stakeholders as well as educational bodies and universities. 


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