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University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Maritime studies and Transport)


Contact person:  Elen Twrdy
 Position: Project Manager
 Telephone:  +386 56767307
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: elentwrdy, zanne.marina, bostjanzlak
 Website: www.fpp.uni-lj.si



The Faculty of Maritime studies and transport was founded in 1963 and is a part of University of Ljubljana. Faculty is located in Portoroz and is the only University member that is not located in Ljubljana. Its mission is to provide educational as well as research activities.
Due to our staff composed of about 70 highly educated scholars we possess scientific and technical skills on maritime traffic, transport and logistics as well as in research using modern computer equipment, various laboratories and navigational simulator for simulations in the field of maritime transport, education and science.
Recently the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport completed the reorganization of all study programs in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Reform of higher education: three first-cycle professional study programs, one first-cycle academic study program, two second-cycle professional master’s degree study programs, and a third-cycle doctoral study program.

project involvement

Faculty will implement in activities and initiatives envisaged for the coordination, dissemination, capitalization, institutional cooperation, capacity building and strategy definition.
It will provide the necessary support to the partner responsible for the WP4 (assessment activities) and in the definition of the Adriatic strategy for the sustainable passenger transport. It is necessary that the Faculty, considered as branch office of the University of Ljubljana, supports the partnership not only due to its position on the Adriatic Sea but also for its equipment and experts. Our expertise in the fields of theory of systems, theory of management, problems concerning the exploitation of traffic infrastructure and transport means, technology and organization of traffic, transport logistics, economy and safety of traffic will noticeably contribute to the goals of EA SEA-WAY project.
FMST, together with FTCS and FTTE represent the complementary partner supplying technical/scientific skills that will support the partnership in the assessment task (WP4) and the strategy definition (WP5).


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