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University of Belgrade - Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering (FTTE)


Contact person:  Assist. Prof. Dr Olja Čokorilo
 Position: Project Manager
 Telephone: +381 113091373
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Website: www.sf.bg.ac.rs



The University of Belgrade - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering was founded in 1950. FTTE is an interdisciplinary scientific research and educational organization, primarily oriented toward resolving problems in the field of traffic, transport, logistics and communications. FTTE professional staff is focused on strengthening industrial academic relations and business development activities. These activities support FTTE’s six multidisciplinary divisions and 17 departments. FTTE is specialized in research in all fields of transport and traffic engineering, transportation planning, transportation vehicles and equipment, communication technologies, transport economics, operation research, software development and IT technologies, environmental protection, management and marketing in transport, experimental and laboratory testing, etc.

project involvement

FTTE will contribute at the development of project activities with particular reference to the upgrading of the knowledge framework on the implementation of activities and initiatives envisaged for the coordination, dissemination, capitalization, institutional cooperation, capacity building and strategy definition. Due to its experiences and technical/scientific skills it will support the partnership in the assessment task and the strategy definition resulted from the EA SEA-WAY project. The territorial competence of the FTTE is on national level, being the leading public institution in transport sector, included in the international academic network. The inclusion of FTTE in the project as FB from outside eligible areas is justified both by the relevance of the persons traffic flows to/from Adriatic area that interest Serbia and the opportunity to enhance the level partnership from regional academic bodies, with the concrete contribute of experiences and technical/scientific skills.

FTTE competence can be described by research, science and education activities related to definition of requirements for transport, traffic flow characteristics, research of passenger and cargo flows, user behaviour characteristics, development of simulation models in traffic and transport, development of expert systems, use of IT in traffic, transport and communications, environmental protection. The main objectives are to promote applied research, new methodologies and technologies and with the participation of eminent experts, there is a superior solution for its clients. FTTE with its environment, human and technical resources, extensive experience and references, provides its customers high quality interdisciplinary expert solutions for traffic, transport and communications. FTTE, together with FTCS and FMST represent the complementary partner supplying technical/scientific skills that will support the partnership in the assessment task (WP4) and the strategy definition (WP5).


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