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Sistemi Territoriali SPA


Contact person:  Chiara Lazzarotto
 Position:  Segreteria di Presidenza
 Telephone:  +39 049774999
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: mcarrero.sinergia
 Website: www.sistemiterritorialispa.it



Sistemi Territoriali SpA is an in-house body of the Veneto Region, in charge of the management of regional transport infrastructures. Its institution role envisages the involvement and the awareness raising of relevant key actors like Ports and stakeholders for the implementation and sustainability of the activities. Sistemi Territoriali staff have high experience in the design, construction, rehabilitation, restructuring and management, also under concession and on behalf of third parties, of civil, industrial, road, rail, river, hydraulic, port, intermodal infrastructure. Also, it has experience in the organization, production, management and sale of transport services and integrated logistics. The staff involved in EA SEA WAY project have also experience in the coordination of transnational cooperation projects, supported by external project management teams for daily project coordination.


project involvement

Sistemi Territoriali main activities are focused to develop a new, more synergic and integrated dock system in the Veneto Region through ICT instruments and new construction works, in particular, promoting of the “minor cruise” at the port of Chioggia. The aim is to develop a system of internal territorial offer (rail and maritime/inland waterways transport) to be designed after an ex-ante analysis and market research on its potentiality, and to be developed through a “fast-flow” capacity .

Moreover, a metal footbridge structure will be built in the Port of Chioggia to connect the Terminal building with the Hub Station (with bus and railway services) and facilitate the integration of the port improving its accessibility with a better bus and railway connections.

The cruise and ferry lines calling the port of Chioggia sail on the Adriatic routes highlight the crossborder character. The investment is consistent with the project goal of developing or renovating existing infrastructures in the Adriatic port system to promote and encourage a more sustainable and efficient passenger transport.




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