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Region Abruzzo– Department of Transport Infrastructure, Mobility and Logistics


Contact person:  Flora Antonelli
 Position: Project Manager
 Telephone: +39 085 7672050
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Website: www.regione.abruzzo.it



The Directorate Transport, Infrastructure, Mobility and Logistics of the Abruzzo Region is responsible for the planning of the transport system at the regional level and the coordination of the planning for the logistics system and the development of all plans related to the road system.
The Directorate is also responsible for preparing the Regional Plan for Harbours and coordination of interventions aimed at improving intermodality of the movement of people and goods with the goal, through the use of sustainable public transport services, better integration port system with the hinterland and airports, railway junctions, urban areas as well as major tourist destinations.
In the last years the Directorate is working for the improvement of passenger transport services in the Adriatic area stimulating the development of changes in the behavior of passengers to more sustainable modes of transport.
This office cooperate with all national and international institutions in charge of environmental protection and the application of European directives.

project involvement

Abruzzo Region participated in international projects aimed at the promotion of competitiveness of the Adriatic intermodal maritime transport system through the creation of a logistics information network platform-based info-telematics between the ports of the South Adriatic. Abruzzo Region will contribute to the development of Ea Sea-way project both at cross-border and local level. It will implement initiatives and activities foreseen in dissemination, capitalization and sustainability actions, assessment tasks, strategic and capacity building action and pilot action. In WP6 it will develop ICT technology and info-systems to simplify the multimodal transport solutions for passengers and to improve the connection information between Ortona and Pescara ports and inland.


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