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Port of Bar Holding Company


Contact person:  Deda Djelović
 Position: Project manager
 Telephone: +382 30300521
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Website: www.lukabar.me



Founded in 1906, the Port possesses more than one century of business experience necessary to acquire and build partnerships with its customers by providing a constant presence in the market. The Port of Bar is situated on the entrance to the Adriatic sea, precisely on 42˚05' of the North latitude and 19˚05' of the East longitude, on distance of 976 nautical miles (nm) to Suez canal and 1190 nm to Gilbraltar.
Port of Bar is a share holding company, in which the State is main share holder with participation 54% in corporate capital. Geographic position of Bar as well its business capacities and personnel structure which Port has at its disposal, guarantee doing business with the clients operating in this region or just entering this market area. The area of the Port covers the area of 200 ha with port aquatorium extending to approx. 90 ha. According to Detail Urban Plan additional 400 ha are dedicated for further development of port area. The capacity of the Port of Bar is 5 million tonnes, of different types of cargoes, per year.

project involvement

The Passenger terminal in the Port of Bar is located in the most northern part of the port.Although it is officially classified as a passenger terminal, it is in fact a ferry terminal or a Ro-Pax terminal.

Currently, the depth at the Passenger terminal varies from 4,0 to 5,9 m, enabling small and medium size vessels to berth at the Passenger terminal.

For larger vessels with more draft, it is necessary to enlarge the Passenger terminal. The depths in this area are sufficient to accommodate larger vessels with deeper draft. General objective of pilot project is to improve the accessibility of the Port of Bar. Preparation of the technical documentation is the first step to this goal.   Development of the Passenger terminal will enable the development of new passenger and Ro-Pax lines in the Adriatic region.


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