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Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure


Contact person:  Ylli Manjani
Position: Project Manager
Telephone: +355 4 2380727
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.transporti.gov.al



The mission of the ministry is : formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies, programs, national norms and standards for infrastructure, transport, public services, spatial planning and housing, in order to ensure the sustainable development and promotion of private investment and economic growth, using available resources in the most productive, effective and in the right way.The Ministry operates based on the Constitution of the Republic of Albania , as well as laws and regulations.Object of activity of the Ministry is : Preparation and implementation of economic policy objectives of the Albanian Goverment for the development of transport and infrastructure in all its constituent elements ( infrastructure , equipment , operation , etc. ) in national and international scale. Drafting policies for the development of road transport sector,rail transport sector , maritime and air transport sectors and prosecution of the implentation of such policies in levels of depence. Negotiation and coordination of the work with other ministries and other international financial instituions of different countires for providing the necessary financial resources in order to create development opportunities and harmonization of the types of construction and transportation to support the country's economic development;improving the movement of passengers and the requirements of the European transport.



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