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Ministry of Transport and Communication Bosnia and Herzegovina


Contact person:  Izet Bajrambasic
Telephone: +387 33284750
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: mkt.gov.ba



Preparing laws and bylaws relating to roads, railways, ports and pipelines.
Preparing and participating in the development and implementation of policies, strategies and studies in the field of transport and transport infrastructure in parts related to transport infrastructure;
Cooperating with international institutions and organisations of which Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member or aspiring member, and, when authorised, representing BiH;
Cooperating with competent authorities of neighbouring and other countries on projects of mutual interest.
Preparing, implementing and coordinating implementation of reconstruction projects, reconstruction and construction of international and inter-entity communication networks with the related infrastructure, ensuring works, goods and services in connection with project implementation, in charge of project financial management according to established domestic law or donor/creditor rules. 

The Ministry participated in the project Perspectives On Inter-Regional Transport Unitary Sistem (PORTUS) -04/07 till 06/08; IPA 2007-2013 Projects and as observer also in SEETAC Project, South East European Transport Axis Cooperation, founded by South East Europe Programme.


The Bosnian Ministry can give support in the following areas: establishing close institutional cooperation and initiatives aimed at improving territorial CBC in the field of passengers transport, assessing the feasibility of enhanced rail and road system that promotes regional transport and tourism through improving communication links.

MCT will contribute to the CBC activities for the definition of sustainable passenger strategy. The MCT capitalises experiences and project results and is able to support their sustainability.


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