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Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning


Contact person:  Martina Lužar

Associate partner

 Telephone: +386 1 4788000
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Website: www.mzip.gov.si



Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia is responsible for the areas of railway, air, maritime, waterway and road transport with the exception of control over road traffic safety, as well as for the areas of transport infrastructure and cableway installations, spatial planning, construction, housing policy, energy sector, mining and efficient use of renewable energy sources.

Ministry of Infrastructure and spatial planning, Maritime sector is currently involved in two IPA project: Adrimob and Adriaticmos, one MED project called Futuremed and one South East Europe project called GIFT. It was partner in  TEN-T project, called EastMed-MoS,: Easyway, Ertms, Adria A, T.I.P., Transitects and Seetac. 

The Ministry supports Port Koper at the implementation on EU projects. Porta, Freight4all, Losamedchem, ITS Adriatic multi-port gateway, Seta, Seemariner, Safeport, Empiric, Logical, Inwapo, Greencranes, Inte-transit, Ifreightmed-dc, Greenberth and Koc Logistika.  Ministry of Infrastructure and spatial planning also collaborates in several other EU project on different area such as road and railway sphere.



Ministry of Infrastructure and spatial planning is responsible for transport policy and coordination of all relevant institutions, like public and private transport agency and transport or logistic companies. Maritime Sector is responsible body for maritime transport and Inland Navigation on the national and international level. With participating at the project intends e to determine the current situation in the transport sector in Adriatic area and proposing new policies and strategies in the areas of infrastructure, ICT, legislation and standardization, in order to promote the creation of innovative green corridors for intermodal freight transport.

Ministry of Infrastructure and spatial planning is the national authority responsible for transport across the country, therefore we have the ability and knowledge to modify the transport network. It cooperates with many European countries and is member of various international organizations such as International Maritime Organisation, International Hydrographic Organization, International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds, European Maritime Safety Agency, etc



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