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Levante Port Authority


Contact person:  Michela Cariglia
 Telephone:  +39 08057881
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Website: www.aplevante.org



Levante Port Authority counts less than 30 employees and is divided into several Departments, having specific competences as well as necessary human resources and equipment to manage the project. European and International Project Team, Public Relations Department, Public Works and Accountancy Departments will be involved. Levante Port Authority will integrate the skills of the internal staff with specific external expertise to assure the proper implementation of the activities.

project involvement

Levante Port Authority has gained a considerable experience thanks to the participation at several projects, as ADRIMOB project (on-going) funded by Adriatic IPA CBC Programme; ADB Multiplatform project (on-going) funded by SEE Programme; INTERMODADRIA project (on-going) funded by Adriatic IPA CBC; MED-PCS project (on-going) funded by MED Programme; WATERMODE project funded by SEE Programme; FPA ITALMED and ITALBALK, funded by Italian
Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Economic Development; ADRION, STP, INTRA_RADAR, GIPSY, INTRAFLOWS and SEMINET project, funded by the INTERREG IIIA Greece-Italy 2000-2006 Programme, and JOVE, CONFRONTI, MASSA and MAP projects, funded by INTERREG IIIA Italy-Albania 2000-2006 Programme.


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