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Contact person:  Cinzia Bertino
 Position: Project manager
 Telephone:  +39 0481 597429
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Website: www.informest.it



Informest was founded in 1991 to promote economic development and internationalization processes. The Agency has consolidated its position assuming an important role in becoming one of the four agencies for Italian Cooperation in South East-Europe , carrying out projects of cooperation in international arena, at European or national programs for the development of institutional and economic relations.
Informest makes its achievements of territorial cooperation projects on European Structural Funds, on European research and innovation programmes and on main instruments of the Italian Cooperation. It performs innovative projects for the management of information, provides support on economic and financial aspects of our reference countries (North East of Italy, the countries of Central and South Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union countries, China and Asia), develops economic research and produces geopolitical and geo-economic scenario analysis.

project involvement

Informest will contribute to the development of management of the project and to development of sustainable passenger transport models for the Adriatic basin and capacity building, providing the project with its specific skills in attraction of funds, management of complex/multidisciplinary transnational and local working groups, EGTC management, project management and design, international relations. It will play an important role in the activities/initiatives envisaged for the working groups and project coordination, dissemination, capitalisation, institutional cooperation, capacity building and strategy definition.

Informest has a long experience in cross-border/transnational initiatives and in supporting public administrations to implement internationalization policies. For this reason Informest will be responsible of WP5 and will support the LB Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in coordinating the partnership and the CB actions.


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