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Coastal Liner Services Agency


Contact person:  Sanda Begović
Position: Project Manager (in CLSA part)
Telephone: +385 (0) 21 329378
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.agencija-zolpp.hr



Coastal Liner Services Agency (CLSA) is established by Croatian Government in 2006 as a regulatory body for purpose of regulating regular maritime public transport. Its main task is tendering and contracting all lifelines – lines that are defined as State lines (Public Interest Services) and subsidizing the ones which are not commercially viable. Subsidies are ensured in State budget.
These services are defined as lifeline services as they are necessary for the economic viability of the islands and to reduce their remoteness from mainland The public interest routes have allowed the passenger services to be introduced all year round, allowing a continual connection to mainland, which is essential for the economic wellbeing of the islands.
Agency is non – profitable body governed by public law, it has no commercial character and it is fully financed by the State budget through the State Treasury body and it is subjected to supervision of mentioned body.

The Agency perform all legal tasks related to the granting of concessions for state lines. 


Agency involvement in this project will be in activities in its domain - regular maritime passenger transport, in modelling the methodology, conducting of data collecting and analysis. The Agency will provide expertise and its extensive network in carrying out the trans-national and local working groups envisaged in WP5. In addition, the Agency will support the dissemination of project results at national and regional level, favouring the sustainability of the Project.

The Agency would provide all required  information and a database for this project in our domain, and would give full support to the project.



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