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Open week in Sarajevo

Faculty of Traffic and Communications - University of Sarajevo (FB16) in the framework of WP2 has organized Open week in the period 06th -11th June, 2016.

The main objective of this event was to demonstrate the outputs and results of the EA SEA-WAY Project to the internal and external public, and to raise awareness about of the IPA Adriatic projects and importance of their implementation for Bosnia and Herzegovina development and further European integrations.

In order to communicate and disseminate the EA SEA-WAY Project targeting internal and wider external public, within Open week, Project team of the Faculty of Traffic and Communication-FB16 has organised following activities:

  •  Presentation of the main objectives of the EA SEA-WAY Project, its outputs and results and activities and contribution of the FB-16;
  •  Lectures on lessons learned about IPA Adriatic Project Management activities and tools developed (AR&PR, MIS);
  •  Workshops on independent research Students projects (Way to GO, Globe Around Forwarding) based on EU projects management methodology and lectures learned from EA SEA-WAY Project implementations;
  •  Delivering of EA SEA-WAY promotional materials;
  •  Site visit of FB16 main stakeholders;
  •  Students networking party (there have been invited students from other Faculties of the University of Sarajevo);
  •  FB16 Stakeholders networking dinner.

The general assessment of the Open week event is that it was very successful and useful, as well, and promoted EA SEA-WAY on right way.

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