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Cross-Border Agreement (CBA) for the institution of the Adriatic-Ionian Maritime Passenger Transport Observatory

On May 11, in Dubrovnik, during the EA SEA-Way Project Final Conference, was presented the Cross-Border Agreement (CBA) for the institution of the Adriatic-Ionian Maritime Passenger Transport Observatory.


The Project sustainability is ensured by a set of agreements signed among Partners on specific topics, supporting the Project Pilot Actions results, with the CBA for setting up of a Cross-Border Observatory on passenger maritime transport, as the most strategic one. It is aimed at, coherent with recent EUSAIR strategy for mobility, contributing to the optimization of passenger transport in the Adriatic-Ionian area (in term of lines, infrastructures and services), increasing the volume and quality of passengers traffic flows, also by contributing to the decrease of land (mainly road) traffic and the reduction of CO2 emissions, for better integrating the Adriatic and Ionian port system with its hinterland.


The Agreements, promoted by the Transport Directorate of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (the EA SEA-WAY Lead Partner) with the contribution of Informest (responsible of the WP5 - for the development of sustainable passenger transport models for the A.-I. basin and capacity building), was signed by all the Project participants. It has the objective, also by involving multi-sectoral local stakeholders (transport, logistics, tourism, services etc.), to comply for cooperation for a joint policy and to promote the Adriatic-Ionian as a destination in whole.

More specifically, it will act to

  • ease the standardisation of administrative procedures and of legal framework,
  • remove physical and virtual barriers and blocks that hinder accessibility of information,
  • collect and spread of Best Practices on passenger and freight transport,
  • act as a collector of the needs and priorities of the A-I basin - in relation to passenger transport, offering common and shared solutions,
  • Promote the A.-I. basin in relation to passenger transport,
  • Monitor EU different calls in favor of area stakeholders.

The common approach & synergies to specific solutions related to a sustainable passenger transport system implementation will pave the way for further larger investments at local and regional level.

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