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Presented in Dubrovnik EA SEA-WAY project results

It was held in Dubrovnik on May 11 the final event of the EA SEA-WAY project, entitled “Capitalization of results in transport models and passenger mobility for supporting EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) development”.

The partnership of the project, co-financed by the IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 cooperation program. The conference, has been working for 32 months with a budget of 6 million and a half euro to strengthen sustainable passenger transport systems for the benefit of the Adriatic IPA Programme and for making available to EUSAIR some best practices and some concrete results.


The final conference was attended by about 80 participants from the 7 countries of the 20 partners and 16 associated partners (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia and Greece). The project partners presented the main results produced, databases designed to reach the stakeholders of the area, to integrate and capitalize results of other projects and initiatives with similar objectives, sustainability plans and capitalization plans realized to define methods to use the results after end of the project. Were presented also the studies carried out on the behaviour of passengers and maritime traffic, current and potential integration with internal transport system, airports, railways and major tourist destinations and possible development scenarios, pilot actions implemented and their transferability to other regions facing similar challenges, defining at the same time the sustainability of these actions, the action plans for the development of passenger service and the definition of priorities and actions to be implemented.

Being a strategic project, one of the most relevant achievement is the definition of an Adriatic and Ionian sustainable passenger transport strategy, which includes a set of suggestions on measures to reduce CO2 emissions, the activation of new governance tools and sharing sustainable cooperation strategies on passenger transport, for supporting EUSAIR Action plan implementation.

The event ended with the signature of an agreement for institutional cooperation among project partners for the establishment of Cross-border Observatory on maritime passenger transport, aimed at collecting data, spreading best practices, finding common solutions and harmonizing procedures in the whole Adriatic and Ionian area. The MoU will contribute to the optimization of passenger transport and to pave the way for further larger investments for increasing passengers traffic flows in the basin and for better integrating the Adriatic and Ionian port system with its hinterland. 

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