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Meeting in Ravenna

Seventh CM and SCM meeting and third CBB meeting will be held in Ravenna on 26th and 27th January 2016.


The partnership meets again to validate the outputs produced from the beginning of the project.

Partners worked in capitalization of previous and on-going experiences from other projects/initiatives focused on maritime passenger transport, accessibility of areas and human mobility to ensure project sustainability. The work package 3 leaded by ERFC brought to the creation of joint knowledge-management tool that now is available together with Sustainability Plans.

Work package 4 leaded by Region of Istria that worked especially with Universities involved in the project produced assessments of the Adriatic port system and its integration with hinterland analysing passengers behaviours and maritime/IW traffic flows in the Adriatic basin, current and potential traffic volumes related to existing infrastructures and services; current and potential integration of Adriatic port system with hinterland, regional/local airports, rail network and main tourist destinations taking into account the system characteristics and market demand; regulations related to passenger traffic (safety, security, etc.) and possible initiatives for the harmonisation of regulations in partner countries. The analysis allowed to create scenarios linked to the development of: passenger traffic, transport modal choices, physical infrastructures and services. As result of the analysis and assessments, have been delivered guidelines to develop a more sustainable passenger mobility providing the base for the development of sustainable passenger transport models for the Adriatic basin and capacity building, that is the core activity of WP5 leaded by Informest that is capitalizing the output produced for the draft of the Adriatic Sustainable Passenger Transport Strategy.

Seventh project meeting will be an occasion to share this results with associated partners during the Cross Border Board 3 and to present the Cross Border Agreements Already signed.

The hosting partner, Ravenna Province, leader of the work package 6, will make the point on the pilot actions already realized and on-going in the Adriatic Ports involved in the project.

Venue is Province of Ravenna, Sala Consiglio but you can find all details in

meeting agenda and hotel map in the links below: 



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