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IPA CBC Programme - National Workshop on Trasport and Logistics - Campobasso, 11.09.2015

The Event consists in a national workshop with Public and Private Actors for discussing their contributions and role towards multimodal and environmental solutions able to support cross-border development strategies.

The Workshop has been organized by Campobasso Chamber of Commerce, FB5 of Easyconnecting Project, in cooperation with Molise Region, partner of two IPA projects dealing with transport issues: EASEA-WAY and TISAR.

It has been structured in two parts: the first one focused on Easyconnecting Project, in particular on the Microinvestments Programme to be realized in Termoli Port, and on how it could support the development and management of transport flows from/to Molise Region to/from Adriatic-Ionian Regions.

The EASYCONNECTING project has the objectives of studying and analysing all the main infrastructure bottlenecks and transport service inefficiencies in the IPA area in order to find & test proper solutions and put forward recommendations for policy-makers and national/regional representatives.

These propositions are essential to develop a common strategy on transport and logistics ensuring the common development of the area in the near future.

The second part of the Event has been structured as a sort of Round-Table among Italian regions belonging to IPA Area on how they can capitalize past project experiences to promote cooperation projects able to implement EUSAIR strategy in a proper way. It’s a strategic opportunity, considering also the involvement of some Italian Regions as coordinators of EUSAIR’s Pillars. The Round Table is also enlarged to Italian regions involved in new Territorial Cooperation Programmes regarding Adriatic-Ionian basin.

Also the Projects’ Partners of the three Projects belonging to the other side of Adriatic and Ionian area will be invited at the Event, because the definition of succesfull cooperation schemes cannot be done without a comparison with their priorities and development needs.

The presence of private stakeholders in both the parts of the Event is significant, because development actions able to produce concrete effects on the territories request a deeper and stronger dialogue among public and private actors and therefore the setting up of a PPP approach. The Event could support the establishment of a “shared strategy” among able to bring territories involved in new Territorial Cooperation programmes to the definition of common proposals implementing EUSAIR Strategy.

The event is targeted at policy makers dealing with transport and logistics, Regional Bodies, sectorial experts, economic and logistic operators as well as trade unions, associations, enterprises dealing with transport.

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