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National Conference of presentation of EA SEA WAY, Campobasso

 "On 26th Jenuary 2015 in Campobasso, at "Palazzo Vitale" the premises of Molise Region was held the National Conference of Presentation of EA Sea Way project.

At the conference took part the President of Molise Region Mr Paolo Di Laura Frattura, the Regional Minister of Transport Mr Pierpaolo Nagni, the Director of the Department of Transport, mobility and infrastructure Mr. Rodolfo Cocozza, The EA Sea way project Coordinator Mr Massimiliano Angelotti, the representative of Marche Region, Mr Mauro Petraccini, Molise Region Project Manager Mr Angelo Primiani and Mr Nino Di Bitonto as technical expert.
The conference was the opportunity to present the investment planned within the framework of the strategic project with the involvement of all the main
local stakeholders.

During the conference was underlined the necessity to use the results of the project to define a common governance in the Adriatic Ionian Area in line
with EUSAIR, the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region"








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