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Project team prepared and delivered different kind of databases according to the different results to be reached through work packages


WP2 Communication and dissemination

Database of Stakeholders and Target Groups


WP3 Capitalization and sustainability

Joint Knowledge Management Tool


WP4 Assessment of the Adriatic port system and its integration with hinterland


Authors: Final beneficiary FB16 – 1. FB16

Leader: Prof. Samir Čaušević, D.Sc.

Research team: 1. Assist. Prof. Azra Ferizović, D.Sc. 2. Prof. Ahmed Ahmić, D.Sc. 3. Assist. Amel Kosovac, M.Sc. 4. Assist. Elma Avdagić, M.Sc. 5. Assist. Adnan Omerhodžić, M.Sc. 6. Assist. Alem Čolaković, M.Sc.

Date: September 2015.

The following links can be used to download database:



And the document with the explanation on how to use the database is downlable here EA SEA-WAY Database WP4

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